​Celebrate the other scifi classic that had an anniversary this weekend

Mystery Science Theater 3000 had its 25th anniversary on Sunday, and Shout Factory is celebrating it with a brand-new special edition that includes six classic episodes. Plus there's wolf children, knights on motorcycles, and more, all in This week's DVDs!

Mystery Science Theater 3000: 25th Anniversary Edition


Okay, the episodes include the Hammer scifi flick Moon Zero Two; the Finnish epic fairy tale/insanity that is The Day the Earth Froze; Gorgo, the U.K.'s answer to Godzilla; and the wonderfully bitter The Leech Woman. Plus another disc including the long out-of-print Mitchell and The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Joel Hodgson's final episode and Mike Nelson's first. Plus, there's a three-part documentary on the show — and don't forget the snazzy collector's tin it comes in!

Red 2

Bruce Willis returns in the laconic sequel to the movie adaptation of the Warren Ellis graphic novel about a group of retired — but deadly — assassins.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series


I've heard this AMC show is okay — anyone know anything about it? Just kidding. You can pick up the entire fall of Walter White ina replica of his money barrel, complete with 55 hours of special features, a Los Pollos Hermanos apron, and more. Season Five also comes out tomorrow if you don't need an apron.


Wolf Children


The director of the astonishing good Summer Wars returns in this critically acclaimed story of a young woman who learns about the perils and pleasures of motherhood thanks to her two half-wolf children.

High School of the Dead OVA: Drifters of the Dead


And on the opposite end of the anime spectrum from Wolf Children, here's an anime about a bunch of busty, underdressed high school girls who manage to have a vacation on the beach while on the run from zombies.



George Romero's weirdly grand tale of a travelling renaissance festival whose jousters fight on motorcycles, and how one man forms this Camelot through sheer force of will while the modern world tears it apart. Far better than any movie about knights on motorcycles should be (and I would think they should be pretty good).

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman


The Criterion Collection brings out the first of the many, many Zatoichi movies, about a wandering samurai whose lack of eyesight doesn't prevent him from being the biggest badass in Japan.

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