Celebrate Star Trek's 45th anniversary by baking your very own character cookies

45 years ago today, Star Trek was telecast on NBC for the very first time. And to celebrate the milestone, Bakingdom's resident baker-geek, Darla, has put together a step-by-step guide to baking your very own Star Trek: TOS character cookies.

Darla explains the motivation behind the cookies:

I am alone in the final frontier, on my mission. Nary a soul in my family, or even friends and acquaintances (that I'm aware of), has my deep seated love for Star Trek, the Enterprise, and her crew. In fact, I'm quite sure that they don't even have a particular like for the show, let alone love.

What is a lonely girl geek to do on the 45th anniversary of one of her all time favorite shows?

Make cute cookies that everyone else will love, so that they'll tolerate the Star Trek marathon that's 'bout to play on Netflix Watch instantly all day long. That's what.


We understand, Darla, and we think your cookies are pretty damn awesome — so hats off to you. You can see more of Darla's cookie crew, including information on what you'll need to bake your own, over at Bakingdom.

[Spotted on boingboing]

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