Celebrate Some Super Mario Milestones With a Slew of Trippy Artwork

A crop of a piece called Mario Bros Tlaltikpakti artist Mr. Kone. It’s part of a new exhibit of Mario art.
Photo: All Images (Bottleneck Gallery)
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Apparently 2018 is a big year for everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario. It marks the 35th anniversary of the first Mario Bros. game, the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. 3, and the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favorite, the Super Mario Bros. movie. So to celebrate, the Bottleneck Gallery in New York is going down the pipe and hosting a major art show.

The show is called the Super Mario Super Art Show and it’s on display at the gallery through Sept. 14. Over 100 artists from all across the globe have contributed their own unique spin on the iconic character; below, you can see just a handful of our favorites.

World 9-1 by Steven Casino
Super Mario by West Art Studio
Making a Mario by Nathan Anderson
Super Leaf by Nan Lawson
Peachy’s Got It by Kim Herbst
Frog Mario by Eric Gonzalez
It’s A Me Time by Dennis Salvatier
Kami Maro by Chogrin
The Big Jump by Boy TM
Koopaslayer by Brad Albright

Many of the pieces have already sold out, but what remains, and frankly there’s a lot, can be viewed (and purchased) online at this link. You can see more of the show here.

Correction: The name of the artist for Peachy’s Got It was originally spelled incorrectly. It’s Kim Herbst.


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