Celebrate Futurama's Return To Television By Making Tiny Zapp Branigan Leer At Leela

Like you don't need a tiny Devil Robot. KidRobot is coming out with this cute line of Futurama dolls. Don't freak out — there will be a Doctor Zoidberg, although I have no idea why he's not front and center.

These vinyl collectibles are part of a 12-character line, with two yet to be released. Can you guess which ones?


The toys hit the shelves on August 13th, and stand just three inches tall, costing a mere $8.95. This only increases our excitement over the recent announcement that Futurama will indeed be back on our television screens. We're happy to be done with the DVDs and back into the half-hour mini-adventures.

[Toysrevil via ToplessRobot]


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