Celebrate the birth of Jesus with an army of heavenly angels, slaughtering each other in the clouds. Legion brings in the yuletide cheer, with a new comic trailer and game. Don't forget to reload after shooting granny.

We've already shown you the pages from the Legion movie comic book. Now here's the motion-comic trailer. Sadly there's no Watchmen-esque man/woman voice.


But if that's not enough God on human violence to fill your holiday lust, play the impossibly hard Legion computer game. In the game you're Paul Bettany, the mad-as-hell fallen angel. Armed with a shotgun, you must mow down the demon possessed masses and stop God from wiping out humanity's only hope, a pregnant waitress. Click on the picture to link to the site. Merry Christmas!

Illustration for article titled Celebrate Christmas With Your Own Angelic Murder Spree

[Comic via Apple]]

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