Celebrate Another Year of Star Wars Mania with a Recreation of 'That' Rogue One Scene

Star Wars Celebration, being the galaxy-engulfing behemoth that it is, has had its share of hyped reveals and trailers this year. But there have also been some genuinely cool little moments. I’d definitely call this one of them.


The Star Wars UK Twitter shared a video of a group of cosplayers and fans recreating one of Rogue One’s most dynamic scenes: Darth Vader’s final battle. Replacing the Death Star plans with a debit card (one of the most coveted items at any convention), it follows the rebels as they race away from Lord Vader through the convention to get the plans safely to Princess Leia.

This short video isn’t anything particularly new or groundbreaking, but it represents one of the many reasons why it’s great to be a Star Wars fan. At any time or any place, a group of strangers can get together and make their own movie magic, using nothing but their shared fandom (and what looks to be an iPhone camera). On top of it, it’s just a lot of fun.

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You know what I love about that scene? I mean, despite Vader being scary and essentially a slasher villain.

It doesn’t show him doing anything you don’t see him doing in the original trilogy. It’s not an overly choreographed fight scene you get in 90's+ movies and the force powers aren’t over the top.