This gorgeous 35th Anniversary Limited Edition of the original Alien is the kind of packaging that one of the greatest films of all time deserves. We just ran a deal on the Alien Anthology set the other day, and when asked by a commenter if they should watch all four films or just the first two, I said "just the first one". [Alien 35th Anniv. LE, $16]

Target has a few dozen Blu-rays for just $4.50 each today. None of them are brand new releases, but you might find some old favorites in there to fill out your collection. [Target has Dozens of Blu-Rays on Sale for $4.50 Each]

Want a nice new TV without spending a bundle? These refurbished Vizios all come with smart TV apps, and start at just $145. [Refurb Vizio Smart TVs (Various Sizes), $145-$1155]

Monoprice's latest promotion is targeted towards iPhone owners, but pretty much anyone can find something they're looking for. Promo code IPHONE15 takes 15% off an order of $25 or more of select mobile products. That includes new iPhone cases, chargers, styli, speakers, and headphones, so very little of it is actually iPhone-specific.


The hidden gem of the bunch is the Monoprice 8320 headphones, which is Lifehacker readers' favorite set of earbuds, and an absolute steal. [Monoprice Sale, Promo Code IPHONE15]

Need some more Lightning cables? How's $8 sound? [Authentic Apple MD818ZM/A Lightning to USB Cable, $8]

We featured this deal awhile back, but in case you missed it, this $170 sous vide circulator will completely transform your cooking. Highly-recommended. [Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, $170]


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"If you experience eyestrain, they are probably worth it." - Lifehacker

I've never worn my Gunnar Optiks for gaming, and probably never will. "Eye strain" is a subjective and also somewhat vague concept. What I know is that if I'm tired (and my eyes are tired by extension), that my Gunnar Optiks make my experience in front of a monitor exponentially better. I'm wearing them as I type this.

Gunners are a bit pricey, so check out Gamma Ray Computer Glasses if you want a spare/travel, or just want to lower the barrier to entry to try out the whole concept.

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