Celebrate A Pivotal Moment in Comics History With This Animated Recap

None at all. Oh, and one croissant, thanks!
None at all. Oh, and one croissant, thanks!
Illustration: Olivier Coipel

Never mess with Scarlet Witch. If things go bad, and she gets upset enough, she could always, y’know, erase you from reality.

That’s what happened to the entirety of mutantkind in one of Marvel’s biggest, most controversial crossover events, 2005's House of M. And today, September 28th, is the fourteenth anniversary of that pivotal moment, which has since become a notorious moment for fans and detractors, a meme, and a reminder that Scarlet Witch in the comics is way, way more powerful than the one we’ve seen on film. No. More. Mutants.

In a new entry into Marvel’s “Today in Marvel History” series of animated shorts, a narrator runs down the context of the dramatic moment, set to lush and, so far as I can tell, new art depicting the breakdown that led to mutantkind breaking down.


So on this “No More Mutants” Day, as it shall forever be known, what do you wish you could get rid of in the Marvel Universe? Me, I’d get rid of every Venom that’s not Flash Thompson. Sorry, just... he’s really cool. Remember him? Lord, I miss him.

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Marvel’s crossovers are . . . spotty at best, but House of M was one that was genuinely pretty damn excellent. Sure, it was a, for lack of a better term Wanda Ex Machina in terms of finding a way to largely hit a reboot button on the glut of mutants in the X-Men universe, but it wasn’t a deal with Mephisto or yet another “because time travel” thing.

I would get rid of most of the crossovers that weren’t House of M; both Civil Wars can die in a fire, Fear Itself was terrible, Secret Empire and Hydra Cap can vanish for ever. Secret Invasion . . . OK, that was pretty good. If anything, I’d get rid of crossovers being normal, and make them like the original Mutant Massacre or even the first Secret Wars (for all its faults); make it something notable and weird instead of a yearly push to sell more crap.

Also, I’d off Logan again, just so Laura Kinney could be Wolverine forever.