Remember that great list of American actors who could have played the Doctor during the last half-century? Sam Vestey was so inspired he cut footage from the actors' various works to make an American Doctor Who highlight reel, if you will, and the results are a fascinating what-if.


The video's a bit old, but it's still fun enough that if you missed it it's worth a watch. Obviously, a lot of the actors are wishful thinking, but that doesn't mean Vestey hasn't done a marvelous job finding clips that feel like they could be from Doctor Who episodes, old and new (for the most part).

Honestly, at this point, I can't decide who I'd want more as the Doctor — Donald Glover or Nic Cage. Maybe we could do a bit of numerical rearranging and do a U.S. remake of The Day of the Doctor, starring the two of them and Harrison Ford? Please? Pretty please?

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