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Celebrate 50 Years Of The American Version Of Doctor Who

Remember that great list of American actors who could have played the Doctor during the last half-century? Sam Vestey was so inspired he cut footage from the actors' various works to make an American Doctor Who highlight reel, if you will, and the results are a fascinating what-if.


The video's a bit old, but it's still fun enough that if you missed it it's worth a watch. Obviously, a lot of the actors are wishful thinking, but that doesn't mean Vestey hasn't done a marvelous job finding clips that feel like they could be from Doctor Who episodes, old and new (for the most part).

Honestly, at this point, I can't decide who I'd want more as the Doctor — Donald Glover or Nic Cage. Maybe we could do a bit of numerical rearranging and do a U.S. remake of The Day of the Doctor, starring the two of them and Harrison Ford? Please? Pretty please?

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Question: Who is the Peter Cushing of the American Doctors?

And I love the list until Goldblum, with him it derails (save for Ford as Hurt). Eight's my favorite Doctor, and while Goldblum is great and very 90s, he just doesn't work as well as an analogue.