Deadpool Celebrates 10 Years of the Expansive Deadpool Cinematic Universe

Deadpool’s ready for Phase 2. Are you?
Deadpool’s ready for Phase 2. Are you?
Image: 20th Century Fox

Ten years. Some really bad decisions by Ryan Reynolds. Two movies. And several low-level X-Men. Is that enough for Deadpool to pat himself on the back as if he’d, say, spent the last 10 decades pumping out movies like Marvel? You bet it is.


Reynolds himself dropped this cheeky take on Marvel’s own celebratory featurettes for its 10th anniversary this month on Twitter today, but here’s the YouTube version in all its high-res glory:

It’s both a pretty good skewering of the pomp and circumstance of featurettes like this (even if Marvel’s pomp is pretty justified, given its current box office dominance with Infinity War), while reminding us that yes, it really has been a 10-year journey from X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s disastrous take on Wade Wilson to where we are now—on the precipice of a triumphantly violent and silly sequel to a legitimately successful Deadpool movie.


The merc’ with a mouth has come a long way since 2008. It might have taken a decade, but we finally have a Deadpool worth of cinematic triumph. One that, who knows, could soon become part of something much bigger!

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Angrier Geek

If the people trying to make Gambit were smart they would have done anything and everything to have him in DP2 and use that as a launching pad. No burden on him to carry a film and ridiculous amounts of exposure.