Cause Of Death: M. Night Shyamalan's Weird Imagination

The R-rated trailer for M. Night Shaymalan's The Happening shows people dying all over the place — and some of the imagery is genuinely shocking. Previous trailers just gave a glimpse of dead bodies, but this is our first real look the eerie gore that permeates Shaymalan's first foray into full-on horror. Big time spoilers ahead.

Wow, so many terrifying images here. A tree full of hanging people, a man lying down in front of a lawnmower and another woman stabbing herself in the neck with a hair-pin. But the award for most dramatic and painful way to kill someone goes to the man who walks into a lion's cage. The guy is still standing, yikes. I'm most concerned with John Leguizamo sitting on the concrete all bloody. This frightens me because he's the father of a little kid in the movie. I hope there's a kitchen towel nearby so they can wrap up whatever is wrong and it'll be magically healed. Kitchen towels cure everything in the movies.


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