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Cate Blanchett Is Everything As Cinderella's Evil Stepmother

A whole handful of Cinderella clips have been tumbling out, each one more covered in sparkles and fairy dust than the last (no, really, Helena Bonham Carter is absolutely covered in sparkles). But no one shines more than Cate Blanchett as the Evil Stepmother, walking her cat Lucifer on a leash.


I've said it before and I will say it again. CAT. ON. A. LEASH.

Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella is so delightfully cast. And yes, that IS Sophie McShera (Daisy from Downton Abbey) as one of the Evil Stepsisters. Finally, a live-action Disney movie that isn't trying to be anything more than something magical! Fingers crossed for this one.

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What are Con rules on cats? Because I need to know if I can bring a cat on a leash to the floor for my eventual COUTURE EVIL STEP MOTHER cosplay.