Cat-Hands Robot Voltron Saves The Day

Has the time finally come for a Voltron movie in Hollywood, thanks to the success of Transformers? Maybe. After all, once you can accept a car that turns into a giant robot, why not a bunch of cat-bots that join together to form a giant people-shaped bot with cat heads for its hands and feet? Cinema Blend has a new script review of Justin Marks' Voltron (Fast Forward) script, which doesn't have a green light yet, but it does have some awesome. Click through for details. First off, the movie is set on Earth which is great, because I need to see giant robotic lions being piloted with the New York City skyline behind them. But the world may be a little messed up, because this story is set in the post apocalyptic world, 5 years after a huge battle with the Robeasts. Robeasts (giant sky-scraper tall beings) have taken over the planet. They're like a hydra: if you cut off one of its appendages a new one will grow out, but Robeasts pull from their surroundings, using magnets or science or something. But still, it's not as cool as cat-face hands. The main character is a hardened, tattooed fellow named Keith Kogan. And you know whose rules Keith plays by? His own. Keith and his African American buddy, Lance, are busy scraping out a living in war-torn New York.


Lance and Keith drive around in their tank (random?) and come across sexy Allura and her body guard Hunk. Allura is, of course, some sort of secret government type, and she needs Keith and Lance's help to defeat the Robeasts. (Oh yeah, somewhere along the way they pick up the kid Pidge, but it doesn't say how. I assume they bought him or something.) But Allura is really an alien, and she gives everyone their own super powerful lion machine and together they form VOLTRON...and the battle commences. There is an epic battle, but at this point you're really just watching to see things explode. And according to the script, they do indeed. So there you have it good guys win, bad guys lose. And the cat hands robots lives to fight another day. [Cinema Blend]

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