Castlevania's Final Season Trailer Teases an All-Out Supernatural War

Horrible night to have a curse, it seems.
Horrible night to have a curse, it seems.
Screenshot: Netflix
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Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard’s journey are coming to a final end—and in true Castlevania style, it’s going to be a bloody good time.


Netflix has dropped a new trailer for the animated Castlevania’s fourth season, recently announced as the series’ last. It picks up in the wake of season three, which saw Trevor and Sypha part ways with Alucard to go on happy-go-lucky monster-hunting adventures that very quickly proved to be anything but. The new trailer sees the heroic trio reckon with the power plays made by Dracula’s former lieutenants in the background of last season.

Unsurprisingly, both the machinations of Isaac forging himself his own demon army and the power-gathering by the Council of Styria are starting to come to a head, and all of Wallachia (and the world beyond it) is in for a nightmarish time as Isaac desires vengeance against his former ally in Hector. But it’s more than that, too: someone, as is always the case in a Castlevania game, is trying to resurrect Dracula himself from the grave, much to Trevor’s comical chagrin.

Whips will be flung, blood will be spilled, and yes, Vlads will be sad. We’ll find out just how sad when Castlevania season four hits Netflix on May 13.

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