Rumor is out that Marvel wants to cast Leonardo Dicaprio as Captain America, because he was so hard core in Gangs of New York or something. Captain America is a master of hand to hand combat, a rough and tumble soldier and the perfect human being. While Leonardo DiCaprio is a fantastic actor, you're not going to stop the Nazis with forlorn looks and inner turmoil. Leo can drink all the muscle milk in every Super Size Wal-Mart in the country, it's not going to be enough for an ass kicking patriotic role, Captain Planet maybe, Captain America not so much. We need someone who's going to teach kids English with their fists and then do a round house kick to the face Chuck Norris style when they don't listen. Click through to see the actors we'd like to cast for Captain America.


Matt Damon

Why He Bleeds Red White And Blue: The Bourne Identity has some of the best little hand-to-hand quickie action scenes of today's action movies. He's proven he can be tough and carry an action film on his shoulders. Damon would treat this character in a serious manner, but still make it a butt-kicking superhero movie.

Where He Will Fail: I see no down side to this casting. I don't know, too perfect for the part?

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock):

Why He Bleeds Red, White And Blue: Everything about this man scream American Superhero. He's big, he's strong, he's charismatic, in Walking Tall he cleaned up the dirty city streets with a big stick.

Where He Will Fail: He's just a terrible, terrible actor when he has to be funny. So as long as this movie is devoid of jokes, or if we can just have Tony Stark dancing around making fun of him, it will be perfect.


Ryan Reynolds:

Why He Bleeds Red White And Blue: He's got the moves from Blade 3 to beat the bad guys. Plus he's charming and witty enough to even make the costume work (although I'm sure they'll change it).

Where He Will Fail: He may be too smart, too funny and too good looking for this character.


Bruce Willis:

Why He Bleeds Red White And Blue: Loves America. He's saved it tons of times in other movies so this wouldn't be that bad of a stretch.

Where He Will Fail: Time. Sorry but the Capn' doesn't have a beer belly.


Also the rumors suggest that Brad Pitt is also a favorite for the part, but isn't he a favorite for every movie now? His name gets tossed around so easily it's hard for me to take it seriously. Besides didn't they want him for Thor anyways?

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