Cast Your Vote For the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories of 2013

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Every year, the science fiction and fantasy trade journal Locus asks the public to select from its editors' picks for the best science fiction and fantasy of the previous year (or write in your own nominations). The ballot for the 43rd Annual Awards is now open online – go cast your vote!

Here's more info on the poll, as provided by Locus:

In each category, you may vote for up to five works or nominees, ranking them 1 (first place) through 5 (fifth).

As always, we have seeded the ballot with options based on our 2013 Recommended Reading List [this link will open a new window], mainly because this greatly facilitates tallying of results. However, again as always, you are welcome to use the write-in boxes to vote for other titles and nominees in any category. If you do, please try to supply author, title, and place of publication, in a format like the options listed, where appropriate.

Do not vote for more than one item in a category at the same rank (e.g. two selections ranked 1st); if you do, we will disregard your votes in that category.

Note that the Hugo and Nebula awards have somewhat different eligibility requirements; Locus Awards are open to publications or works that first appeared, anywhere in the world, during calendar year 2013. Feel free to leave some categories blank or partially blank, but try to fill in the entire survey. A free issue of Locus will be given for a filled-out ballot to subscribers of record when we count them in May, so please use the exact name on your subscription and your subscription number. Deadline for ballots is April 15, 2014.

As in previous years, voting rules count subscriber votes double. All votes, from subscribers and non-subscribers alike, will be counted as long as you include your name, e-mail, and survey information (Locus does not sell e-mail lists) and do not violate voting rules.


[Locus Poll and Survey]

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