Cast Members of Old and New Bionic Woman Snipe at One Another

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Original bionic woman Lindsay Wagner is apparently not a fan of the show's new incarnation, which she finds "kind of dark and broody and violent"—and not in a good way. "It's not at all what we were doing. We were doing a show for kids intentionally and making it fun in such a way that adults could enjoy it, too."


Meanwhile, Miguel Ferrer (who plays Jaime's boss, Jonas Bledsoe on the current show) tells that Richard Anderson (who played Jaime's boss Oscar Goldman on the original show) drives around L.A. with vanity plates that read "BIONIC." Says Ferrer: "All I can tell you is if in 30 years my license plate says BIONIC, you have complete permission to cut my throat," a sentiment with which many viewers of the current Bionic Woman will no doubt sympathize. Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty.

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