Casey Affleck Making Film Where He's Basically Batman with Superpowers

No word if Batfleck approves. / Credit: Warner Bros.
No word if Batfleck approves. / Credit: Warner Bros.

Ben isn’t the only Affleck who gets to cosplay as a dark vigilante cleaning up crime-infested streets. But Casey Affleck’s upcoming film also makes him one of those oracles from Minority Report- because why just be Batman when you can also be Captain Hindsight.

Variety recently reported that Casey Affleck is starring in Villain, a supernatural thriller based on a screenplay he wrote. According to the synopsis, Casey Affleck plays a man who gains the ability to see the past, present, and future of people around him after being shot in the head. He uses that gift to hunt down the people who killed his family, as well as clean up the streets. But as it turns out, people may not welcome this dark knight with open arms.

“As his vigilante acts become more frequent and violent in nature, his arrival as the city’s hero may instead be the announcement of its most prolific villain,” the article states.


So Casey Affleck is pretty much playing Batfleck with the powers of a god, and it’s kind of funny if you think about it for a minute. Ben Affleck is co-writing, directing, and starring in a movie about Batman, and here we have Casey Affleck announcing that he’s writing and starring in a movie about a Batman-like character who’s darker, edgier, and has real superpowers. Also, he didn’t just lose his parents, he lost his entire family.

I’m sure it’s a coincidence, but it’s fun filling in the gaps to imagine a massive sibling rivalry building. I can imagine the headlines now: “Ben Affleck announces Batfleck will be infected with the Amazo Virus so he can control sound and have a supersonic scream, also he’s super sexy and smart and has an awesome car. He added that Casey can suck it.”


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