Cartoon Network's next Batman series could be the weirdest Bat-cartoon yet

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We've grown to love Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but its replacement as Cartoon Network's regular Batman show will definitely have a hard time growing on us. Beware the Batman, coming in 2013, features weirdly angular computer-animated artwork, plus a gun-toting Alfred. And instead of Robin, Batman's sidekick will be Katana, the female ninja from the Outsiders. Also, instead of the Joker, the show plans to use less well-known villains like Professor Pyg and the Circus of the Strange. The good news is, it's executive produced by Batman Beyond's Glen Murakami.

The other good news is, Cartoon Network's new "DC Nation" bloc also will include some stuff we're pretty sure we'll love, according to a presentation in Cannes, France by Warner Bros. Animation's Sam Register.

In addition to the Young Justice and Green Lantern cartoons, there'll be some claymation Batman shorts, created by the Aardman Animations folks (creators of Wallace and Gromit.) And there'll be Plastic Man shorts and Doom Patrol shorts. Plus a new series of shorts called Super Best Friends Forever, featuring Wonder Girl, Supergirl and Batgirl teaming up. Yes please! [Comics Beat and Comic Book Resources]

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James Whitbrook

It's a shame that this more serious take on Batman is replacing the wonderfully goofy The Brave and The Bold. I like 'Dark' Batman just as much as everyone else - I love the Nolan movies, the Arkham games gritty styles, the 90's Animated Series with its stunning noir look... but I love cheesy 60's batman just as much. I like TBATB for its sillyness and call back to the Adam West series, it's a damn shame we haven't had it for that long.

I'd totally love a new cartoon based on the West Batman, voiced by Adam himself. Batman needs to do the Batusi every now and then!