Cartoon Network Calls Up The Squad

Marvel's superheroes are continuing their takeover bid of your media and your soul with the announcement that Marvel Super Hero Squad, a new cartoon based at kids, has been picked up by Cartoon Network.

Squad - based upon a toyline of the same name - has already made the jump to comic books, but this announcement of a 26-episode series to debut at the end of this year on the same network as Batman: The Brave and The Bold and Star Wars: The Clone Wars brings to mind the following thoughts: Firstly, it's interesting that this'll be on the more mainstream Cartoon Network as opposed to Nicktoons, the Nickelodeon offshoot that's currently showing Wolverine and the X-Men and is due to show the Iron Man cartoon later this year. Secondly, it'll potentially prime audiences for the start of next year's Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon... or maybe pre-empt that show altogether.


Thirdly, anyone who wants to see a giant-headed Captain America and Iron Man team up and fight crime are probably already beside themselves with the news.

Cartoon Network orders 'Squad' [Variety]


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