Cartoon Network Calls Up The Squad

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Marvel's superheroes are continuing their takeover bid of your media and your soul with the announcement that Marvel Super Hero Squad, a new cartoon based at kids, has been picked up by Cartoon Network.


Squad - based upon a toyline of the same name - has already made the jump to comic books, but this announcement of a 26-episode series to debut at the end of this year on the same network as Batman: The Brave and The Bold and Star Wars: The Clone Wars brings to mind the following thoughts: Firstly, it's interesting that this'll be on the more mainstream Cartoon Network as opposed to Nicktoons, the Nickelodeon offshoot that's currently showing Wolverine and the X-Men and is due to show the Iron Man cartoon later this year. Secondly, it'll potentially prime audiences for the start of next year's Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon... or maybe pre-empt that show altogether.


Thirdly, anyone who wants to see a giant-headed Captain America and Iron Man team up and fight crime are probably already beside themselves with the news.

Cartoon Network orders 'Squad' [Variety]

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Hit Bull Win Steak

I bought like 6 packs of these for my god son, and in a span of two weeks one has met its demise in the garbage disposal, two got tossed out car windows, and their neighbor's rotweiler ate another one. it's almost as if he's finding creative ways to systematically eliminate each of them. Sadistic little bastard.