Carrie remake is happening. Let's hope it's better than the musical!

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The classic flick about the little telekinetic teen, Carrie, is getting the remake treatment. And we'll dump a bucket of pig's blood on anyone who tries to shoehorn Broadway songs into the new version.


Deadline is reporting that MGM and Screen Gems have hired Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to remake Stephen King's Carrie. And yes, he's the same scribe who was hired to save the Broadway Spider-Man musical with his rewriting skills.

Although we highly doubt there is any sort of remake that could recapture the magical horror of Brian De Palma's '76 translation of the King story, we really just hope it's better than the Carrie musical. According to Deadline, the production is looking promising so far:

On Carrie, he will write a version that is more faithful to the King book than the earlier movie, much the same as Joel and Ethan Coen went back to the Charles Portis novel True Grit to present a version that didn't really feel like a remake. Aguirre-Sacasa has a relationship with the author, after writing the graphic novel version of King's The Stand, King's seminal apocalyptic novel.


We'd rather have a faithful translation than a movie about Carrie the blogger.

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Carrie is one of my favorite horror movie. The scare at the end always makes me jump, even if I know it's coming. It's a really well-done movie, and I don't think it needs a remake. The only thing they could improve would be destroying the town like in the novel, now that they have the technology for it. But that's a minor detail. Bleh- not a good news.

And you can't be sure the opening scene won't have half as much nudity as in the original.