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Few people had a closer relationship with Carrie Fisher than her dog, Gary, who was a fixture alongside the actress on the red carpet, as well as onstage at events. Gary was in attendance with Fisher’s former assistant Corby McCoin last night for an L.A. showing of the latest Star Wars film (in X-Wing pilot cosplay, no less), during which the dog’s ears repeatedly perked up during the scenes featuring General Leia:


Gary himself frequented the set of the Rian Johnson film—so much that the director eventually ended up casting the dog in a role as a pet alien. Though Fisher is no longer with us, Gary now lives with McCoin, who is clearly making sure that his former owner never fades from his memory.

[Ed’s note: Only Charles’s moderately-Star Wars-appreciating heart was cold enough to write this story without tears flooding his keyboard.—Rob]

[Via HuffPo]

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