Carrie Fisher Is Now in 'Stable Condition'

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Carrie Fisher’s mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, has posted on Facebook that Fisher is finally in stable condition following a heart attack on a flight from London to L.A. last Friday. Thank the Maker.

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Fisher was in full cardiac arrest when her flight landed in Los Angeles, and had reportedly stopped breathing for several minutes. She was rushed to the hospital and placed into intensive care, where she was put on assisted breathing.

I’m not gonna lie; I am very, very thankful Carrie Fisher is doing better. With apologies to George Michael and his fans, it probably isn’t a shock to hear that I have move emotionally invested in General Leia Organa than the singer of “Freedom” (although that’s a really great song). Obviously 2016 is trying its hardest to fuck up as much remaining shit as possible before it leaves us. If it had taken Fisher as well, I absolutely could not have handled it.


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I don’t know much about heart attacks, but it’s interesting how a lot of people survive them and go on to live long healthy lives, and yet also many people can be seriously affected and even immediately die at their first one.