Carnival Row Now Has Daredevil’s Old Showrunner

Orlando Bloom in Carnival Row.
Image: Amazon Studios

We were disappointed by Carnival Row, a show which had a lot of potential but fell a bit flat. Turns out, the ongoing show has had some ongoing creative disagreements—enough so that it’s seeing a significant set of backstage changes.

The biggest change is that Marc Guggenheim, of Arrowverse fame, is stepping down as showrunner, as reported by Deadline. His replacement? Erik Oleson, the showrunner for Netflix’s Daredevil. Oleson’s job comes after a deal he signed with Amazon Studios earlier this year. Guggenheim will be retained on a consulting basis, but will step away from an active role on the show.


Travis Beacham, co-creator of the show alongside Rene Echevarria, is also stepping away from his day-to-day involvement with the series. Beacham, notably, wrote the script, A Killing on Carnival Row, that became the basis for the series. He’ll retain executive producer credit, alongside Guggenheim. According to the report, the exit was over creative differences regarding the show.

Will this shift change the direction of the show as it goes into its second season? Unclear, really; the scripts have already been written, and while Oleson certainly may make some changes, a lot of the season’s direction is probably already set in stone.

Carnival Row, starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, is on Amazon Prime, and a second season is coming when it’s ready.


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