Carmen Sandiego Gets a Heroic Origin in the First Trailer for Her Netflix Reboot

Carmen’s back, and up to... well, some good. Sort of.
Gif: Carmen Sandiego (Netflix)
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Over the years of games and shows, Carmen Sandiego has had several origins—former detective gone rogue, criminal mastermind, agent of chaos, you name it. But her new Netflix show is giving her that’s turning her into a bit more of a Robin-Hood-esque figure.


Netflix has just dropped the first trailer for its animated reboot (via Mashable), starring Gina Rodriguez as the titular gentlewoman thief (Rodriguez will play Carmen in a live-action movie for the streaming service, too). But as well as asking the question we all want it to ask—where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, naturally—it asks another, too. Who in the world is she?

This time around, the answer to that is a bit different. We get to see Carmen’s young days training as a master thief as an agent of V.I.L.E. but now, instead of remaining with the villainous group as she steals her way out of trouble, Carmen is going to be a hero who abandons V.I.L.E. and uses her thieving skills to protect the treasures of the world from its shady hands alongside Player (voiced by Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard). Although we’ve had takes on Carmen that have teased a more noble heart to her thievery in the past, turning her into a full-on dashing rogue is a nice twist.


Carmen Sandiego is set to hit Netflix January 18.

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Poet Desmond

Eh...I like her as the sort of gentleman thief model, who steals insanely valuable things from people who don’t need them, and just does it for the thrill. Making her a hero is...I mean, at that point, you could just create a brand new character, maybe even someone who stands in direct opposition with her.

Alternatively, just make the best version of it possible.