Carl Sagan Saying 'Billion.' Once. In Slow Motion. For One Hour.

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By rights, this is what space should sound like.

Reader John Kannenberg sent us a really weird recording of Carl Sagan saying the word "billion" during the first episode of Cosmos. Actually, what's weird about the audio isn't Sagan saying "billion" (he did that kind of a lot), but that it's been stretched out to one full hour in length:

"This might be of interest?" Kanneberg volunteered, via e-mail. Yes. Yes, John, you beautiful genius. This our wheelhouse.

The recording is eldritch, yet strangely listenable. I've been listening for 17 minutes now, and I'm utterly entranced.


Disclaimer: I have not yet listened to all sixty minutes of this recording, and therefore cannot speak to any long-term side effects of its monastic drone. Basically, don't come crying to me if your ears start bleeding or you accidentally summon Sagan's ghost or whatever.

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