Car Of 2017 Will Mix High-Tech With No-Tech

The car of the future will have sleek plastic on the outside, but hand-woven seats on the inside. Harsha Ravi's designs for the car of 2017 won Wheels magazine's design prize. They're an awesome mixture of high-tech (cutting-edge carbon-neutral bioplastic) with zero-tech. It's all part of an urban car that's customizeable and cheap, but also green.


The old basketweaver dude in Ravi's plans represents the local supplier, who provides the car seats wherever Ravi's Globetrotter car is sold. The 21-year-old Ravi also included airless tires, a zinc-air fuel cell and nano-paper battery in the Globetrotter, which won the Young Designer of the Year Award from Australia's Wheels.

Tomorrow's City Car [Rambodoc, via Ecofriend]

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