The two-hour season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles airs tonight on Fox, starting at 8pm (so set those clocks early, folks) and we're giving away a giant chunk of swag from the show. See the photo above of John and Cameron sitting at the table? All you have to do is come up with a funny caption. You can try to come up with a deeply moving caption if you want, but it'll probably be easier to come up with something funny than something that will make us re-think out lives. What will you win?


We've got Terminator shirts with silvery writing on the front, military style hats, light-up red glowy bracelets, and Terminator eye window-clings, and Terminator flashlights that throw cool LED logos of the show into dark areas.

Simply submit your caption in the comments below, and you're officially entered. Be as long or as brief as you want, but above all try to be funny. Heck, we'd even take a good Firefly or Buffy joke. Just go nuts, folks. The contest will be open until roughly 10:30pm Pacific Time, right after tonight's finale ends on the West Coast. We'll pick a winner at that time and announce it tomorrow. The contest is open to everyone, unless you're living on the moon, and we'll pick up the shipping charges. However, we are not responsible if actual robots from the future start chasing you.

The window clings are massive and aren't pictured in the top photo, but they'll be included. You'll be the envy of all your friends, or you can just open your own Terminator merchandise store. The future is not yet written.