Captain Power Is A Sweeping Post-Apocalyptic Epic For Our Times

Somebody in Hollywood has their priorities seriously messed up. All weekend at Comic-Con, I was hearing about Tr2n, Terminator 4, RoboCop 4, and even a sequel to War Games. But where was the talk of a big-screen movie of Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future, that classic post-apocalyptic TV show? Where? What kind of a world is this! Just check out this awesome battle between a human resistance fighter and his robot oppressors. (Sample dialog: "A party? And I'm the guest of honor?") And then click through to see more of just how multi-layered the world of Captain Power could be. Here are a few select moments from the episode "A Fire In The Dark," written by Teen Titans scribe Marv Wolfman. (Most of the episodes were written by Babylon 5 architect J. Michael Straczynski.) It's pretty heavy stuff. Before he was the evil cyborg leader of a machine empire, using robot soldiers and CG mecha-birds to "digitize" humans, Lord Dread was just a regular guy, Lyman Taggart. And his main squeeze was Jessica, an artist who was accidentally blinded by a CG mecha-bird. (And he screamed "Nooooooo!" and his scream managed to dissolve across a 15-year gap into his present, as a cyborg lord of evilness.) Now, 15 years later, Lord Dread is frustrated because his perfect machine world "lacks suppleness," and he needs Jessica to be his perfect architect. So he blackmails Captain Power into bringing her to him, so he can cure her sight. But once her sight is restored, she's horrified by the rubble-strewn world he's created. "The world is in transition," Lord Dread protests. (How many times have we heard that one?) Oh, and I have a special place in my heart for Captain Power's gold codpiece, as seen in the second clip. Who could play Captain Power? Matt Damon? Daniel Craig? It's hard to imagine a big movie actor who could carry off that codpiece.


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