Captain Planet to get a live action feature film!

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Captain Planet is getting his own live-action movie debut — which means we're getting a blue, mostly-shirtless superhero who sports a bright red caplet, hot pants, boots and a green mullet. SOLD.


According to Kidscreen, Cartoon Network has inked a deal with Transformers producer Don Murphy to make a Captain Planet movie.

Murphy, who worked on ALL of the Transformers films, now has the exclusive rights to the property, and can develop and package Captain Planet and the Planeteers as they see fit. Which could really go a variety of directions, can't it? And they don't just want one Captain Planet film — hopes are for this to become a series.


Sucks for whoever has to play Ma-Ti — because the power of heart? Not unless you get to ride a sleigh of lions wearing a meat dress, pal. Also we demand that Gaia have streaks. But seriously, this is fantastic news all around. We've included the theme song at the bottom, in case you weren't already singing it with joy.

[via The Daily What]

Image by MeWannaLearn on DeviantArt.

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Funny thing, this movie is supposed to be about protecting the environment, yet it's going to be a HUGE, STINKING PILE OF GARBAGE.