Captain Planet returns to kill off the rest of Earth's human population

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Last year Don Cheadle portrayed an unstable Captain Planet, in wich the green-haired environmentalist snapped and started turning every human into a tree. It was beautiful. And now Captain Planet is back! With most of the Planeteers dead by Captain's hands, only Ma-Ti is left to cower under Planet's new rule. There is just nothing better than an unhinged Cheadle in tights. Nothing.


Captain Planet 2 from Don Cheadle

[via Funny of Die]

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Corpore Metal

"Except woodpeckers. I don't like woodpeckers so much."

I think he looks best in that sky blue two piece suit with red lapels, like some kinda insane nuclear psychedelic Peewee Herman or Ziggy Stardust or something.

And were the five rings, aside from Captain Planet canon for the Planeteers, a reference to the Mandarin in Iron Man III?