When Star Trek's Bruce Greenwood said he enjoyed chewing the scenery in last year's Cyborg Soldier, he wasn't kidding. Here he is, in all his brain-splatting glory. Plus a cyborg-on-bald-guy smackdown. Can a cyborg prevail against the power of baldness?


In case the above clip isn't self-explanatory, Greenwood is an evil scientist, who created the ultimate cyborg killing machine, which then developed an unfortunate conscience. And the flannel-shirted woman, Deputy Reardon, is Isaac the Cyborg's best friend — they share many heart-warming scenes where Isaac is sort of autistic. The woman to whose head Deputy Reardon is holding a gun is another evil scientist, who's been having second thoughts and Knows Too Much. Oh, and I love the clanging noise the fire extinguisher makes as it slams into Isaac's head. Someone had fun with that one.

Mostly, though, Cyborg Soldier is worth watching for Greenwood's incredibly brie-tastic performance as Simon, the movie's main villain. Greenwood relishes saying lines like, "I'm going to fry your brain until there's only enough to spoon into a testtube. Then I'm going to scrape up the DNA and the tissue samples, and I'm gonna build you again."


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