Captain Marvel To Get Smart At Warners

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It looks like The World's Mightiest Mortal may be making the move to the big screen sooner than expected. Get Smart director Peter Segal has signed a three-year deal with Warner Bros, and is bringing the long-awaited Captain Marvel movie with him. But how soon will we actually hear the word "Shazam!" come back into common usage?The Captain Marvel movie - currently titled Billy Batson And The Legend Of Shazam!, both due to legal issues over the ownership of the "Captain Marvel" name and to bring it closer in line with the current DC comic featuring the character - has been in the works for a long time; the current script, written by Tim Burton collaborator John August (who wrote the screenplays for Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride, amongst other movies), has been finished since before last year's writer's strike, and Dwayne Johnson has already announced that he'll be playing the movie's bad guy, Black Adam. While Segal is already scheduled to direct 2010's sequel to this summer's Get Smart next year, it's possible that The Legend of Shazam! may be the next movie he directs; he's currently also developing a tennis-pro comedy as part of the deal, but Shazam! may be further along the development cycle. Will 2011 see the Big Red Cheese take on the Avengers at the box office? Between this news and Warners' stated focus on superhero fare in years to come, that's beginning to look very likely. Segal, Ewing set first-look deal at WB [Variety]



Just about every aspect of this has me excited; Captain Marvel? Check. John August? Check. Peter Segal? Eh, why not.

But Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam? I like some of the guy's acting, sure. Just wish they would have given a little more thought to casting the first built, dark-skinned actor they could think of. Visually, he might fit the bill, but he hasn't shown that he can play the ruthlessly sadistic type of super villain that crushes people's skulls with one hand.

Ah well.