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Captain Jack vs. Common's Robot: Music Video Throwdown!

Illustration for article titled Captain Jack vs. Commons Robot: Music Video Throwdown!

A heap of new music videos represent for science fiction. But the stand-out video this time around is Common's "Universal Mind Control" video, featuring Pharrell as a robot. Not only is the track a hit, but the dancing robot's moves are far and away some of the best robot strides I've ever seen. I dare you not to dance along to this video. Also, Torchwood's John Barrowman has got his own album coming out, and we're bringing you the cheese-tastic video. Who wins — Common or Captain Jack?Common featuring Pharrell - "Universal Mind Control" If you can't dance to this then your heart is made of stone. This could very well be my new favorite singing robot. The track is from the album this Invincible Summer. Click to view Locksley - "All Over Again" Don't smoosh our new rockstars, giant beast. "All Over Again" is from the album Don't Make Me Wait, and the title track is yet another good track from Locksley.

Arsenal - "Estupendo" Great dance-animation which made me think of Tron.

John Barrowman - "What About Us" The man rhymes "don't wanna blame ya" with "we're In Danga." Barrowman's album Music Music Music is out November 24th. Swoon, Torchwood fans, swoon over these ridiculously saccharine lyrics that actually fit quite well with baby-face Barrowman's shtick.

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I think Common is doing this to butter us up so that he can be Green Lantern. Think about it: Big glasses, two dancing robots, it has Pharell Williams from N.E.R.D donig the beat. Coink-a-dink, i think not.