This week, all eyes may be on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, but another online series is playing with the superhero genre. Captain Blasto centers on Colin Carter, a high schooler who decides to combat the dreariness of his life by becoming his favorite superhero. He recruits a team of fellow malcontents to play his arch-foes, but soon finds himself confronted with crime of a very real nature. Click through to see the first episode and learn more about the series.


In 2005, Chris Preksta conceived "Captain Blasto" as a feature-length film, giving it an award-studded turn on the festival circuit. With a $7,000 budget, he created a wonderfully stark universe in which to house his unhappy cast of characters. Pretska himself plays Colin, an ordinary kid crushed beneath his daily routine. He spends his days at high school bored and ignored, with only the janitor Daryl for company.

Colin's sole source of inspiration is Captain Blasto, a comic book and radio drama hero who derives his powers from a magic ring. Knowing he won't find a magic ring of his own, Colin sets out to transform himself into the costumed crime fighter, at least in the eyes of the public. He and Daryl begin staging petty crimes, with Captain Blasto stepping in at the last minute to save the day. Colin even dons a pair of Clark Kent glasses and lands a job at the local rag so as to chronicle his manufactured heroics. But Colin isn't the only one frustrated with life, and soon he has a whole crew of men ready to fake a life of crime.

They eagerly turn their lives into a send-up of heist films, B-movies, and, of course, comic books. "Captain Blasto" updates biweekly.

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