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Captain America's Love Interest Is Cast! Plus Green Lantern Set Pics, Iron Man 2 Posters And Tons Of Clips!

Illustration for article titled Captain Americas Love Interest Is Cast! Plus Green Lantern Set Pics, Iron Man 2 Posters And Tons Of Clips!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Green Lantern set pics include a mysterious structure. A British actor will play Captain America's girlfriend. There are clips from Doctor Who, Nightmare On Elm St., Lost and V. Awesome Iron Man Gwyneth/ScarJo posters. Plus Twilight, Kick-Ass and Star Trek.


Green Lantern:

Geoff Johns Tweeted:

The rumor is that Ryan's #GreenLantern uniform will be CGI — hell, yeah it will be! Generated from his ring in Ivan Reis-like glory!! :)


[Twitter via Comic Book Resources]

New set pics give you another look at this film's logo, plus is that an air-traffic control tower? [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Captain America: The First Avenger:

Hayley Atwell, a British actor who was in the big-screen Brideshead Revisited, will co-star in this film as Peggy Carter, a British agent helping the French resistance who becomes Steve Rogers' love interest. She joins Chris Evans as Captain America, Sebastian Stan as Bucky and Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull. [Heat Vision Blog]


Iron Man 2:

Here are new character posters, showing Pepper, Black Widow, Whiplash and War Machine. [BSC Review and ScreenCrave]


Star Trek:

Clifton Collins, Jr., who played Nero's second in command in the most recent movie, really wants to be in the sequel, and thinks he "absolutely" has a decent chance of returning. "Now please go and tell J.J. [Abrams]," he importunes a reporter. Since his character died in the first movie, his chances of returning in the second one do seem awfully slim — but you never know. [Ace Showbiz via TrekToday]



Christopher Mintz-Plasse explains more about the differences between the comics Red Mist and the movie Red Mist:

The one in the comic is much cooler than I am. They wanted my father to be a badass, and I've never been accepted by him. They wanted that instead of the cool guy who's always smoking weed and getting the girls.



Mark Strong talks about approaching the role of Big Daddy's nemesis, Frank D'Amico:

I decided that the best way to play him would be to approach it dead straight, inasmuch as he is a gangster who has made good and his life is perfect, when suddenly he discovers that kids dressing up as superheroes are ruining his business. So on a level of reality, there's the confusion he feels of that going on, and the way he decides to go about attacking it, I think is based in reality. Then you could play with how far you took fury, anger, how you could play your emotions; you could play with that a little more because of the comic book element.



Nightmare on Elm St.:

Yet another creepy new clip. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the drugstore... [Fangoria]

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

Rumors are flying around that this threequel is running into trouble. It's coming out in a few months and still isn't ready yet, and a week of reshoots is needed, including the crucial Bella/Edward meadow scene and a big fight scene. Because of logistical nightmares, including Robert Pattinson's availability, seven days of reshoots may have to be compressed into a few days. Also, director David Slade is supposedly having a fallout with the studio, and Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first film, and/or Chris Weitz, who directed the second, may come back to direct the reshoots. People are taking all of this to mean the film may not be as dark as the 30 Days Of Night director might have wanted. But bear in mind — this is all just rumor. [Lainey Gossip via Cinematical]


Doctor Who:

Very excited for "Victory Of The Daleks." Who would not be? Here are an intro and three clips. [BlogtorWho]

And here's an incredibly lovely promo pic from the BBC site. [BBC]

Digital Spy has 10 hints about the episode, including that some time has passed between episodes, the Daleks really are apparently harmless, and they're all different colors. And Amy says, "Ever fancy someone you know you shouldn't?" Winston Churchill hasn't summoned the Doctor just to discuss the weather — he really wants something from him. [Digital Spy]



Some promo pics for the deity-tastic episode 5x19, "Hammer Of The Gods." [SpoilerTV]



Here are some new images for episode nine, "Heretic's Fork." [The V Files]

And two clips from episode eight, "We Can't Win." [SpoilerTV]


Some promo pics for episode 18, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." [SpoilerTV]

Stargate Universe:

The direction of season two is "a shocker for all of us," says Brian J. Smith. In the second half of season one, we won't delve too much more into the characters' pasts, but there is one upcoming episode where Scott's backstory comes into play:

There's a very specific episode in the last half that comes to a head a little bit for him. Briefly, at least. Things that he thought he had dealt with come back and kick him in the ass.


[Den Of Geek]


Jorge Garcia says Hurley is just trying to protect everybody, like he always has. And you don't have to worry about Smokey hurting Jack and the others — he gave his word they would be safe, and he has to keep his word, says Garcia. (The headline says Smokey cannot lie, but it doesn't sound like Garcia actually said that.) [TV Guide]


Here's your first clip from next Tuesday's episode. And I agree with the commenter on Youtube who says the next question out of Jack's mouth had better be about all the times he's seen his father on the island.

Returning characters next week will include Sayid's love Nadia, Jack's son David, plus Cindy the flight attendant and her two "kids," Zack and Emma. New characters will include a female surgeon (yes, a surgeon who's not Jack or his dad!) and two EMTs, presumably treating Locke. [BuddyTV]


A bunch of pics from next week's episode. Looks like our gang goes to visit Widmore. [TV Overmind]

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note to Clifton Collins Jr.: Hope spring eternal in the void of an empty mind. Often we let despairation and desire cloud reality...acording to J.J. Nero isn't in the next movie and you died, story over, the next movie (whatever it is) will not be about the THE WRATH OF AYEL