Captain America won't become un-American overseas

Will Captain America: The First Avenger still keep its patriotic title in foreign lands? There's been a lot of speculation as to whether overseas distributors would choose to shorten the movie's arguably way-too-long title. But now we know the score.

Marvel and Paramount offered international distributors of Captain America an easy way out of the heavily America-centric first name. If they wanted, they could call the film The First Avenger — thus dodging any potential anti-American sentiment. This rumor was met with a lot of teeth gnashing by super-fans (after all, Steve Rogers is Captain America, not Avenger Number One. But the AP reveals that the only countries that changed the title were Russia, Ukraine and South Korea. All other countries will keep the real title. America: Fuck yeah!

In other news, two new behind-the-scenes featurettes have been released for the film, and they both include a lot of never-before-seen footage. [via Epix HD]

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Russia being all prickly about a patriotic US title I get. South Korea not wanting to give the finger to Kim Jong by renaming it "Captain America: We Will Freedom The Shit Out Of You" I do not.