Turns out Captain America may not be alone in his upcoming singing-and-dancing movie. According to a new interview with director Joe Johnston, he'll have some buddies at his back, and they're not the Avengers. Is WWII ready to be Invaded?

Doing press for The Wolfman, Johnston admitted that the Invaders - Marvel's team of WWII-era superheroes taking the fight to the front lines in Europe - will play an important role in the Captain America movie, appearing in "the entire second half." According to Faraci, the movie Invaders will be European, unlike their comic book counterparts (Unless Atlantis is in European waters - which is always possible, I guess - the original Invaders were a predominantly American team, with only a couple of British members), which may mean that they'll be different characters altogether in their new incarnation... which is still less of a change to the Cap mythos than adding a musical element.


Also, Johnston told a press conference that the Red Skull is indeed this film's main villain, and the whole thing takes place during World War II, except for present-day "bookends" at the movie's beginning and end. Says Johnston:

Virtually the entire story except the bookends are in World War II because we all recognize we have one chance to tell the origin story of how he became Captain America, you can't tell a modern story and then go back and tell the origin story. If you're going to do it, let's do it. Let's do it first. Everyone wanted to tell an origin story. There was a version where it was a modern story and it didn't work.

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