Captain America Finds His Sidekick, Bucky

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Has the Red Dawn obsessed ski dick from Hot Tub Time Machine and the Prince from Kings, just got his first big movie break? Rumor has it Sebastian Stan is Bucky in the new Captain America film.


Stan is one of those actors who's been in everything, but it's always hard to place his face. You may remember him as Chase Collins in The Covenant, or from his work in Gossip Girl. He was even rumored to have been in the running for the part of Captain America. Clearly someone at Marvel likes him, because even though Chris Evans got the role of Cap, Stan snagged the Bucky role, according to Deadline.

Bucky is usually portrayed as the Robin to Cap's Batman — but hopefully in this film, which is striving to be a tad more realistically grounded, Bucky won't be so one-dimensional. What with Evans as Cap, Hugo Weaving as Red Skull and now Stan, this film could be almost ready to shoot.

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I loved Kings. Still can't believe it was canceled so quickly.