Captain America Casting: John Krasinski's Out, Chris Evans And The Tron Kid Are In

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The latest Captain America casting saga continues. Turns out yesterday's sure thing, John Krasinski, is out, and has been replaced with the Human Torch himself, Chris Evans.


Deadline is reporting that Marvel has canned the John Krasinski Cap idea. Thank goodness for small miracles, but still Marvel can't make up its mind on casting this pivotal character.

So who did they bring in this time, according to Deadline's sources? Garrett Hedlund, of Tron Legacy fame, and Chris Evans, who already got his shot at superhero stardom as the Human Torch, but who's grown on us through his performances in Push and Sunshine. While we still have no idea if Hedlund is worth the hype yet, we have to say Evans as Cap? Yeah, that could work. Maybe our standards have been kicked askew from screaming No No No No No over and over at the thought of John Krasinski possibly becoming Captain America — he's supposed to be The Flash.


Both Hedlund and Evans have yet to test for the part, but I can imagine with all this hype they're probably trying on the red boots as we speak, just to see if they fit.

But the two new additions aren't alone. Mike Vogel and Wilson Bethel, from the original test list, are still in the running.

And we're not even addressing the ridiculous rumors of Dane Cook or the Jonas Brothers trying out for Cap, mainly because we're worried if we give it any more press, some idiot might think there was hype behind a Dane Cook Captain America, and make it so. And that would mean I'd have to burn this town to the ground.


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While I would rather see Evans in the role than Krasinski, I know I"m never going to get my choice for Captain America b/c Hollywood would never cast Neal McDonough even though he's got all of the major qualities Cap has: blond, square-jawed, steely gaze, and just the kind of presence that could reign in Wolverine and make Thanos second-guess himself.