Captain America and Winter Soldier Make Out as Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan Look on Approvingly

Image Credit: TheRoaringGirlCosplay

If you’ve spent any period of time in the online Marvel fandom, you’re probably aware of “Stucky”—that is, the portmanteau given to Captain America and The Winter Soldier being together in a romantic relationship. This, right here? The best Stucky we’ve ever seen.

The photo, which you can see in full below, was taken at a meet-and-greet with Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans at Wizard World Philadelphia this past weekend—with Tumblr users TheRoaringGirlCosplay and Sgt-Bucky-Bear cosplaying Cap and Bucky mid-embrace in front of the actors for their photoshoot.


In the past few weeks, a fan campaign around the hashtag #givecaptainamericaaboyfriend has cropped up—pushing not just the desires of “Stucky” fans to see Steve and Bucky get together but the idea of bringing a wider level of diversity to Marvel’s movie universe, which is currently slight on LGBT representation (and hey, Steve and Bucky still would be nowhere near as weird as Steve and Sharon Carter hooking up). I think that particular movement just got one hell of a poster to rally behind. You can check out more pictures of the duo cosplaying at Wizard World at over on Tumblr.

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