Captain America and The Avengers gain crucial new sidekicks.

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Captain America and The Avengers have found a couple of crucial supporting players. Adrien Brody and Vincenzo Natali delve into the twisted world of Splice. Transformers 3 is blowing up LA. Plus Twilight: Eclipse, True Blood, Doctor Who, and Haven.

Captain America:

Neal McDonough is reportedly in talks to play "Dum Dum" Dugan, the leader of the Howling Commandos and right-hand man of Nick Fury. If they want him to resemble his comic book counterpart, he'll likely be busting out the red wig and fake mustache, which are two things that would improve most performances, now that I think about it. [/Film]


The Avengers:

Jeremy Renner is now in final negotiations to play Hawkeye in the upcoming movie. It's amazing - from crazy, unfounded rumor to officially signing on in just a year. [/Film]


Adrien Brody thinks the movie is "morally fucked up." (Or "morally forked up." They bleeped out the middle letters, so I guessed.) Either way, here's why he came to this conclusion: Fancast"]

"First of all, it's not that far from scientific advancements that are being made in today's world and possibly in the near future, which makes it an element of fear very tangible and based on reality. It deals with a screwed up family dynamic, which I thought was another layer for me as a character to deal with with two young, ambitious, successful people that one partner wants to have a child, the other doesn't. Then we ultimately end up with that child, so to speak, and then there's the attention going to the mother early on in the nurturing phase, and my character feels rejected, and then it slowly changes as the girl develops so that I get the attention. I think it pushes so many boundaries. There's an intelligence to it. There's a wonderful sense of humor, and it's intense, it's scary. I think it's a remarkable achievement."



Elsewhere, director Vincenzo Natali sat down for a video chat: [IGN]
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More Splice News & Previews


Transformers 3:

Michael Bay has set his explosive sights on Los Angeles, where he's spending the next six weeks filming the latest installment of our generation's Godfather saga (only better, because this time the third movie will be totally awesome!). After that, he's off to Chicago, Detroit, Washington, and Cape Canaveral, followed by international shooting in Russia and "an undisclosed African country." I imagine they'll disclose it just as soon as Bay throws a dart at a map of Africa and picks whatever country it hits. [IGN]


Twilight Eclipse

You already knew vampires and werewolves are sexy and romantic, but did you know they can be scary too? It's true, and this new TV spot for Twilight Eclipse looks to prove it: [Cinema Blend]

True Blood

Question - would you like to meet the werewolves? Well then, do I have the preview for you!

Oh, and because the True Blood posters weren't crazy enough, here's one with a Civil War flavor: [SpoilerTV]


Doctor Who:

We've got a dozen clues for the next episode, "Vincent and the Doctor":

1 In some ways it's the most unusual Doctor Who ever episode ever – never has the show been less plot-lead [sic] and more character-led
2 It's very, very emotional at times
3 Anyone expecting an out-and-out comedy from Richard Curtis will be surprised. This is about Van Gogh – it doesn't shy away from depression and suicide. If anything, the episode is quite melancholy
4 The opening scene is a blinder
5 An ongoing gag about the TARDIS's abilities won't make any sense to people who don't know the show inside-out
6 Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are
7 There's a glorious visual reference to the painting "Starry Night"
8 The Doctor makes a slip of the tongue
9 There's some mutual sartorial appreciation going on
10 There's a major story element that some will decry as a massive plot hole and others will embrace on a metaphorical level
11 The TARDIS is redecorated
12 Two former Doctors make an unexpected appearance (for one of them it's their third appearance this year)


One of those Doctors will be William Hartnell's original incarnation, as he was the picture in the Doctor's library card.

Unless the BBC has mastered reanimation, that definitely means we're not talking actual, live appearances, in case anyone was getting their hopes up. Other than that, the story is apparently going to be super-emotional, have one or two big moments that are designed to wow the audience, and the plot will make no sense unless you approach the whole thing from a thematic level, in which case it kinda works. It's like Russell T. Davies never left! [SFX]


Looking further ahead, here's the summary for the first half of the final two-parter, "The Pandorica Opens":

The Doctor's friends unite to send him a terrible warning; the Pandorica – which is said to contain the most feared being in all the cosmos – is opening, as the time travelling drama continues. But what's inside, and can the Doctor stop it?


I'm not entirely sure who these friends of the Doctor are. We know River Song is coming back for the finale, but she's only one friend (and it's actually arguable whether she's even that at this point). So I'll go out on just a little bit of a limb here and say every companion, ever, is coming back, plus several of the old Doctors. I did say it's as though RTD never left. [Goghtor Who]


Syfy has released a preview for its new series about a no-nonsense law enforcement type who moves to a town of wacky residents with unusual secrets. Sure, that might sound a lot like Eureka (I mean, that was my intention), but this does have Stephen King behind it, so it's way more supernatural and New Englandy. Syfy's in-house tone of light and quirky seems intact, though:

Bond 23:

And finally, a bit of good news - American Beauty director Sam Mendes has no plans to leave the Bond franchise, despite the fact the movie he's supposed to direct is in limbo until MGM sorts out its ongoing financial catastrophe. So fear not! There's still hope that we'll see James Bond deal with suburban ennui and the existential angst that comes with approaching middle age. [Cinema Blend]


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Karl Prosek

Interesting. I hadn't even thought about Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos as part of the Cap movie. But if we're going to keep Sam Jackson as Fury, that's going to bring up a problem that was mentioned with the Will Smith as Cap rumor- the WWII US Army was segregated. I'll be interested to see how they deal with that.

I also think Renner will be a great Hawkeye. Though I hope they make him more Ultimate Hawkeye (think Bullseye without the crazy) than 616 Hawk.