Captain America and Ant-Man Get the Mondo Poster Treatment for Comic-Con

“Whoa. You’re Captain America.” Scott Lang’s hilarious awe of Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War goes both ways later this week at Comic-Con, as each superhero is getting an awesome, exclusive new Mondo poster that’ll first be available at the event and we’re the first to bring them to the world.

Above you see the Ant-Man variant by Ken Taylor, which will only be on sale at Mondo’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Below is the regular, which will go online to the general public at a later date.


For Cap, things are going back to The First Avenger. Captain America’s first Marvel movie is getting two new posters exclusive to Comic-Con. The first is by Rory Kurtz.

The second is a variant by Stan and Vince. The regular, which features Cap in his traditional costume, will be an online release.


They’ll also have these X-Men pins by Tom Whalen at their booth.


That booth is number 835 if you’re in San Diego and, if you are, there’s so much more. These awesome Inside Out pieces. This amazing Star Wars poster and more to come.

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