The gents at Latino Review have a potential scoop for Captain America: The Winter Soldier — they say that French MMA fighter Georges St.-Pierre has been hired to play the French mercenary, kickboxer and long-time Cap foe Batroc the Leaper. Give me one minute, and I'll explain why this is fucking insane.

First of all, let's just say that if this casting is true, it's pretty much perfect. As Nerd Bastards rightfully points out, George St.-Pierre is the closest thing to a real-life Batroc the Leaper there is.

But Batroc the Leaper is absurd. His power is jumping around and kicking things. Not super-jumping around and kicking things; just regular-jumping around and kicking things. He's often used as a joke villain, thanks to his outstanding mustache and the fact is name is Batroc the Leaper, which he pronounces "Batroc ze Leaper" because he's so French.

I'm not upset that Batroc may make his major motion-picture review, I'm simply... baffled. I can't believe I'm living in a world where Batroc the goddamn Leaper is going to be in a movie. Hell, he'll probably have an action figure. Children will be able to buy toys of Batroc the Leaper at grocery stores. Madness.

One more note: If Marvel manages to get Batroc the Leaper on screen before DC/WB manages to get Wonder Woman up there, every movie executive at DC/WB ought to throw themselves into an active volcano for failing so hard at their jobs.