Captain America 2 Deleted Scene Reveals Maria Hill's Larger Role

Maria Hill just doesn't get enough time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and considering the role she played in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we weren't surprised to find out that some of her screen time ended up on the cutting room floor. Here's an exclusive deleted scene that shows the storm brewing within one of our favorite SHIELD agents.

Honest question, is Maria Hill the Marvel Cinematic Universe character whose parts are cut the most? I feel like a lot of her stuff was cut from the Avengers, and now this? Agent Hill and Sif are two female characters in the MCU that we really don't know that much about, but probably have pretty compelling stories to tell. I wish we could get more of them. Just sayin'.


This deleted scene is a part of the features available on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier DVD (releasing digitally Aug 19th and on DVD/Blu-ray Sept 9).

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