Caprica's Ratings: Much Worse Than BSG Or Stargate Universe

Illustration for article titled Capricas Ratings: Much Worse Than BSG Or Stargate Universe

Nobody should be surprised that Caprica's debut pulled in weak ratings on Friday. The pilot was on DVD for months, and viewable online. And the show was opposite a Haiti fundraiser telecast. The real test? This Friday's all-new episode. [THR]

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I'm genuinely surprised at the amount of people proclaiming the need for more spaceships and explosions. What happened to the crowd that complained sci-fi wasn't subtle or intellectual enough these days?

To be fair, people come out of the woodwork to complain more than they do to praise, so it may be two completely different sets of people.

I enjoyed it and anybody who hasn't seen it and ignores the good reviews its gotten based on the disappointment of the BSG finale is being deliberately dense. Feel free to dislike it if you've watched it, but don't rant about how it's a soap opera if you haven't actually watched it.