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As Battlestar Galactica builds towards its finale, the creative team behind prequel series Caprica is beginning to take shape. In charge of the writers' room is a familiar and welcome face: Jane Espenson.


Although Galactica showrunner and executive producer Ronald D. Moore will be running the writers' room for the beginning of Caprica's first season, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Espenson will take over "at some point" during the season. Moore was effusive with praise for Buffy, Galactica and Dollhouse veteran Espenson:

She’s a great writer, and in the last season of ‘Galactica,’ I started handing over more and more responsibility to Jane on the production side and in post[-production]... [Upcoming Galactica TV movie] ‘The Plan’ was something that she wrote and executive-produced and saw all the way through. She was the showrunner on ‘The Plan,’ in essence. She did a great job and she stepped up and I have a tremendous amount of faith in her.


The Tribune also revealed that shooting on the series begins in July, and Moore hopes to have "a bunch of scripts" for the series finished ahead of that date. Espenson reveals that Galactica's Michael Taylor and Ryan Mottesheard will be joining the Caprica writing staff, and repeats Galactica Sitrep's reporting that Caprica will share a composer, production designer and special effects supervisor with Galactica.

Caprica is scheduled to begin on SciFi Channel in 2010.

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