Caprica season 2 would have seen Zoe Graystone meeting one of the Final Five

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If Caprica had gotten a second season, Zoe Graystone's journey would have taken a much more interesting turn than her "trapped in V-world" stories of season one. An interview with executive producer Kevin Murphy reveals what might have been.


The interview with Murphy appeared in the Caprica Times back in April, but we only just saw it, thanks to a link in today's awesome interview with Jane Espenson over at Huffington Post.

In the interview, Murphy lays out tons of detail about exactly how things would have played out in the second season of Caprica, which would have jumped forward about five years from the end of season one. Among other things, young William Adama would have felt resentful about being named after his dead brother, and Joseph Adama would have gotten into civil rights work and had an affair with Fidi. Lacy would have formed an uneasy alliance with Sister Clarice to rule Gemenon, with an army of Cylons among their devout followers.

But the most fascinating part sounds like it would have been Zoe Graystone's journey — Zoe would have become the first "skin job," a soldier who did black ops missions for Jordan Duram, former GDD officer. Nobody would have known about the existence of skin jobs because Daniel Graystone spent so much money to hush up his daughter's situation.

And Zoe's journey towards being a skinjob sounds very BSG-ish. Her parents are having trouble creating a realistic body for Zoe, one that gets out of the "uncanny valley," and Zoe gets so frustrated she retreats into V-world forever — and there, she encounters some kind of surreal image. It would be sort of like the White Rabbit, but it would also be a sign that God has plans for her. She follows this image deeper and deeper into V-world, crossing wireless networks and traveling into parts of the network where nobody has gone. And eventually, she winds up among the Final Five. Says Murphy:

Michael Taylor had a rather inspired notion to intersect Zoe with the final five, who at the time of Caprica are well-into a long, long space journey to the 12 worlds. The idea was that Zoe would eventually have run into a V-World that's a sleepy little earth-like fishing village. A man is fishing at the end of a long pier and it turns out to be Aaron Douglas. The Final Five keep their brains active on their long journey to the 12 worlds by using their own V-World programs. They fish together for a while. Tyrol is very interested when she explains who she is and what her family is trying to accomplish. He gives her the gift of a fishing lure. When Zoe returns, the lure turns out to be code that gives them the piece they've been missing and Zoe gets a goo-bath. Years later, when the Final Five arrive in the flesh, we imagined Tyrol would have been very curious to see what was done with his gift from many years before.

I sort of love the idea that Zoe would have gone on an epic quest to find this secret piece of code, that would have allowed her to create a new body for herself. Rather than her parents making her a body themselves, she would have had to create herself by going on a journey. Shame we didn't get to see it. [Caprica Times]



But weren't there supposed to be six Cylons who made the journey from Earth 1.0? I thought there was another model of Cylon - that we never saw - because Cavil hated him and destroyed him or put his consciousness in a Hell File somewhere!?

Or am I thinking of a 13th model of Cylon that "the Final Five" (or I guess we should say "the Original Five" now) created and Cavil destroyed?

I seem to remember this model/whatever was called "Daniel" too, which would have given us another tie-in between Caprica & BSG if this was a model *based on* Daniel Graystone...

And I didn't think that the "Original Five" arrived until the First Cylon War was well under way...? So if Zoe contacted/connected with them mid-flight, they would have had to have FTL communication...whcih I thought we had never seen on BSG (just travel)...? Unless we evoke "God" again.

And also...if Zoe was give the skinjob tech...(and it may be that the scenes we saw of her in the goo bath in the Caprica Coda *were years later, after she DID contact the F5)...why did the Cylons in the War need to study humans to learn how to make skinjobs? I suppose the tech was lost? Or where they just not gonna explain that and ignore established "canon"? (I hope not, I hope it was consistent.)

Also, what happened to Zoe before the war?