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That's right folks - cats are not just for LOLs anymore. Apparently they can sniff out cancer.

In Calgary, Alberta, one kitty warned owner Lionel Adams that he had a cancerous tumor in his lung. How,because clearly cats can not speak or dance yet that we know of? Well, the cat by the name of Tiger, would point to it every night with his paw. UPDATE: The Cancer was in Adam's LUNG, not leg as reported earlier, sorry for the mix up.

"He would climb into bed and take his paw and drag it down my left side - he was adamant there was something there," Adams told the Sun. "And it was right where the cancer was."


When Adams went to the hospital, surgeons later removed a tumor the size of a soda can. Take that, dog owners. And let the LOLs flow, commenters.

[UPI via Snopes]

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