Canadian Netflix Subscribers Will Be The First To Stream The Force Awakens

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Canadians rejoice: in 2016, the next installment of the Star Wars saga will be available to stream on Netflix. According to Variety, The Force Awakens will hit Netflix in Canada “approximately eight months after the movie leaves theaters.”


Why Canada? Apparently it comes down to prior agreements. Disney has existing agreements with Starz, although it appears that Disney’s 2016 films will be fair game for the streaming service.

Buried in the report was news that Disney and Netflix were talking about the possibility of bringing past Star Wars installments to viewers. The animated television show The Clone Wars can already be found streaming on Netflix.



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Absolute Travis T

I’ve noticed that going back and forth with proxies that Netflix CA gets waaaay more mainstream films early than both UK or US, like they have pretty much every big Oscar hit of 2014 and more while the other two have maybe 2 or 3.